Movie Release Form

Text Box: (Ref:) Procedure No. 6165
Rules & Regulations No. 6165
Alpine School District

Non-Public Performance

Springside Elementary
Motion Picture Request

Teacher:________________________________________________________ Date(s) to be viewed: __________________________
Will the movie be shown in its entirety?   Yes   No
Movie Title: _______________________________________________________________ Length:  ___________________________
Relationship to curriculum:  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


In accordance with the teaching exemption associated with copyright law, this motion picture is requested for a “face-to-face” teaching activity and will not be used as a reward or for other entertainment functions.

Principal’s Authorization:  ____________________________________________ Date: ______________________

Face-to-Face Teaching Exemption
The five requirements of the face-to-face teaching exemption are:
1.     The movie is shown in the classroom or other similar place devoted to instruction.  This excludes the library or auditorium.
2.     The teacher or one of the pupils in the class shows the movie.
3.     The movie is shown as part of a regular instructional activity and the teacher is present with the students (face-to-face).  This excludes reward and entertainment.
4.     Movie must be a lawfully made copy.  Anthologies are not permitted.
5.     The movie is shown in a non-profit public institution.

Rules & Regulations No. 6165
      1.1 Regardless of the appropriateness of motion picture content, Fair Use Guidelines as stated within copyright laws restrict the use of motion pictures to "face-to-face" instruction (Refer to Policy, Rules & Regulations, and Procedure No. 6164).
      1.2 Scenes from motion pictures that contain vulgarity, indecency, nudity and/or excessive violence are strictly prohibited in the classroom and school.
      1.3 Use of motion pictures in the classroom must be limited to instructional purposes. The instructional value of a motion picture shall be weighed against the value of the academic time it consumes.
         1.3.1 Students should be prepared to connect the motion picture to academic content through pre and post activities related to the curriculum.
         1.3.2 It is recommended that only those segments of the motion picture which illustrate the topic or content be shown rather than viewing the movie in its entirety. Transfer of motion picture segments from the original copyrighted format to another format (e.g.. VHS to DVD, etc.) is prohibited by law. Creation of an anthology (e.g.. recording multiple clips onto a single tape) is prohibited by law.
      1.4 Use of any motion picture, or segment thereof, must be approved in advance by the school administration. Educators are discouraged from showing motion pictures.
         1.4.1 Approval for the use of motion pictures by a school administrator shall follow the protocol established in Procedure No. 6165, "Alpine School District Non-Public Performance Motion Picture Request."
      1.5 Use of appropriate motion pictures through the acquisition of public performance rights may be suitable as a school activity. The school administration is responsible for applying for public performance rights.

November 7, 1997