Media Center Policies


Welcome the Springside Elementary Media Center!
This media center belongs to you and the students of Springside  Elementary. Please let me know how I can assist you.

Library Hours:  7:45am - 3:00pm


Books are checked out by students for one week at a time. After one week books are considered overdue.  Students will not be allowed to check out any additional books if they have an overdue book.

As this library is new and books are limited, we will be allowing KINDERGARTEN - SECOND Grade students to check out only ONE book per week.  As our collection grows, this number will  increase.  

THIRD - SIXTH Grade students will be allowed to check out ONE regular library book and ONE Battle of the Books book if desired for a total of TWO books.


~ Teachers are expected to accompany their students to the media center for library time on a weekly basis.  
~Teachers should bring students directly into the Kiva for library instruction time.  Please enter from the hallway.  Students will return or renew books following instruction and quickly proceed to check out new books.  
~Teachers are a vital part of book selection and should make a special effort to be highly involved in this process.

~Teachers and staff have unlimited access to the media center and may check out books and materials at your convenience.  Access to the Researcher for Alexandria is on the media center blog ( Please be respectful of the other students and teachers and be frugal with the materials you are checking out and return them as quickly as possible.

Kiva Use and Scheduling
On Mondays the Kiva will be available to schedule out to classes. If you would like to schedule the Kiva during open library slots and times please just send me an email and I will schedule you.

DVD and Video Use:
*Movies here at the school have been pre-approved by the administration.  However, for feature films you must still meet all five face to face teaching exemptions and have a “Movie Request Form” filled out, signed by an administrator, and on file in the media center. These forms are on the media blog and are also located in the media center.

Resource Info:

Utah’s Online Library  (formerly Pioneer) - New student at home access login:  
Log in Name:  online
Password:  reader

World Book Online;
User Name:  

Battle of the Books

We are excited to be participating in Battle of the Books this year school wide!  We hope to have good participation and teacher/class involvement. I am super excited about the book selections this year and think the kids are going to love it. :)

I will create tracking sheets for each classroom.  Tracking will be done on a classroom level if desired.  Teachers, with the assistance of Room Mothers, can track student progress throughout the year.  Teams will be formed within the individual classes as much as possible.  All students can be involved in reading the books.  These can be incorporated into ANY classroom reading program.  In January an “Intent to Compete” form will be sent around to those students who wish to participate in battles.  Teams will be formed at this time.

We will have a BOB kick off the beginning of September so be watching for more information to come. :)

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